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Default Re: ***Official Gran Turismo 5 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Daytona is rediculous for B-spec. I had to make my Silverado SST concept 750bhp so that he could easily overtake on the straights since he would brake too much for the corners and have other cars bump draft him. Seriously the car behind would always bump draft him, they would both drive way too slow and other cars would over take on the outside Stupid. On top of this they always tap their brakes over the start/finish line.

I've heard people say to put the brake balance down to 1F 1R and it will reduce their over braking, I'm yet to try this.
That race is really bad, I would say the A-Spec for the same race is even worse. I won this with a 420HP X Runner in B-Spec. I think the key was the height adjustable suspension and reducing the ride heigh to -13/-13. Also after my driver's meter maxed out red, I kept pushing "maintain" command. He never braked on the straight. His speed was consistent.

Also I got the adjustable transmission and set the max speed to 170mph.

I won that race by 10 seconds.
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