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Default Re: install x64 or 32 bit version?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
If you have 2GB installed and do not plan to upgrade it, there's no point in wasting RAM with both x86 and x64 versions of libraries loaded into memory.
The RAM issue with libraries is trivial and won't be noticed unless you're running below the absolute minimum requirements, which would be a problem regardless. The more significant issue is in the larger use of hard drive for all the dlls, but which get installed regardless of running 32 bit applications or not. But not just because they're installed (mostly by programs) does it mean they are loaded into RAM at all times; only when used, and the same thing happens on a 32 bit system. Furthermore, I believe windows ripped off linux and implemented something like sparse memory to diminish the 64 bit memory bloat.
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