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Default Re: pick a card for meth: the poll

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
570 Meth Edition (with Manatee logo).

95-105% of the performance of GTX 580 for 70% of the price.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I voted you stick with the GTX295 for now. That GPU is powerfull enough to run most if not all DX10 games at there highest settings with AA as well. Your in the same boat as me Meth, i too am waiting as i really dont think that it would be worth my while to upgrade atm as there isnt many DX11 games at all and the ones that are out dont seem to be worth the extra money for the increase in quality.

Wait for Nvidia 600 series imo. We are at a brick wall atm with the console ports as it seems the consoles have just about hit there limit, when the next gen consoles are released then we might see games that will be worth the extra dough for a brand new GPU.
true, it's not like many games are pushing my 295 as it is. but i would like to get rid of some heat and power consumption, and just have a single gpu again.

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
I voted 570. Option to step up or add another 570 when prices drop later.
i'm leaning toward that.

meh, maybe i should forget the gfx card and finally get a SSD. i should have added that option.

guess we may need another poll.... >>>>>
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