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Default Colors in VDPAU 260.19.29

Sorry for my english. I'm user of Nvidia for several years, the linux version of driver 260.* have a bug so far not been corrected.

In my laptop:

* TOSHIBA Satellite A505-SP6022L (Nvidia GeForce 310M)

* Display: 16'' with 1366x768

When I open a Video (ffh264) with vdpau with FullScreen it ignored the colors stored in nvidia control panel. But if, I force a error in mplayer (with forward, rewind, etc.) and kill the process (mplayer). When open again, mplayer works perfectly, with all the colors stored in nvidia control panel.

In my Desktop

* Core2Duo with Nvidia GT 220 - 1GB DDR2 (XFX)

* Display: 22'' with 1920x1080

The same problem, except that here no matter if you are in Fullscreen or not. The colors are ignored in Window mode and FullScreen mode.

Also, the colors in Nvidia Control Panel are applied, BUT if close and open again de Application, the values are reset.

Note: With the "256.53", it's not happened.
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