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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
that looks worse than crysis 1..
I don't want to pass judgement until the game is released and I've played it my self.

However, going off of the available footage at this point it does look like the game has heavy emphasis on console play. The story seems almost entirely unrelated to the first. It looks more like a dumbed-down reboot of the original the get in on some of that console $$$.

If so, I imagine it'll sell well on consoles, but not on PCs.

However, I can't really fault Crytek. I mean, they did make a PC exclusive with the first one. Was a huge investment. They made it the epitome of high-quality graphics goodness. They even warned us ahead of time that upon release no rig, even top-end rigs, would be able to run the game maxed.

It's released and exactly as they promised and told us it'd be, people got upset. Now they are releasing the second installation that'll be able to run on such a wide variety of hardware (which the first could do as well, mind you) and likely they'll get boo'd by the PC gamers because it strays from the roots of the first one.

It's this attitude with PC gamers that makes me think we're partly to blame for the fading out of the PC as a gaming platform.
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