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Red face Video Converter that uses FFDSHOW and keeps AC3 and does Batch

Hey I've used so many different video converters and it seems like none of them have all the features I want. And I mean NONE!

I'm looking for a video converter that will convert any file to MKV and KEEP original audio as well as have the ability to run a queu. With pretty much EVERY video converter they always HAVE to tamper with audio and it seems like in 2010 it's you just cannot keep 5.1 audio. What's the deal??? They always give an option for mono or stereo..As it is now if I want to convert a file I have to remux every single one with the original vob file to put 5.1 ac3 back into it.

Also it's pretty clear that FFDSHOW with the H264 codec rocks for video quality but the only program that I've found that will use it and run batch files is Riverpast Video Cleaner..but guess forces to the audio to stereo MP3.

These are the video converters I've tried and the issues each one has:

1.AVS Video Converter - Forces stereo unless you encode in WMV but has no queue support. When you do select 5.1 WMA audio it ruins the subwoofer sound and makes it too loud and sloppy. Also every video I've converted in whatever codec has noticable banding no matter the bitrate.

2. Riverpast video Cleaner - Forces stereo. Can get reference quality video though using FFDSHOW and will run down a queue.

3. Xilisoft video converter - Can't get reference video quality unless insane bitrates are used. Also forces stereo and won't convert to MKV. Closest you get is MP4. Has queue support.

4. Auto GK - Has queue support. Does keep AC3 audio. But can't get reference quality video regardless of bitrate due to only supporting xvid codec or divx. (reference quality means things as fine as film grain stay intact)

5. Divx Plus Converter- Close but no cigar. Has queue support. Keeps original 5.1 audio. Uses h264 codec. However regardless of bitrate a blur filter is put on I suppose to hide problems at low bitrate, but selecting a high bitrate doesn't change the obvious use of blur. There are also almost zero options to configure. This Converter is more suited for old dvd ripped sitcoms, but a no go for movies.

There are more video converters I've tried but those aren't worth mentioning and of course they get rid of 5.1 audio.

Is there something I'm missing? Google searches turn up little because of all the "reviews" you get from vendors swearing up and down how their program does everything. I just want Queue Support, Original Ac3 Audio, and use of a good H264 or X264 codec. Is that just impossible for all these software engineers to produce?
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