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Default NVS 3100m Large Slow Downs

Hi Everyone,

I have a Thinkpad T510, with an NVIDIA NVS 3100m Graphics card, currently running Linux Mint 10 (based off of Ubuntu's 10.10) And the following issue has arisen with the kernel provided by Mint 2.6.35 and the one I compiled and installed yesterday

I have used both the driver offered by the distribution and 260.19.29 obtained from NVIDIA's website.

I should also mention this is a 64bit machine with 4 gigs of ram and a mobile Core i5.

This issue is: When performing general computing (such as work in Netbeans, watching flash videos, general Chrome performance and other things) my performance is perfect and just how I would expect it to be. And then every so often it hits a big slow down where:

Scroll rates in Chrome and Netbeans are horrendous
Flash videos are no longer able to play in fullscreen as they freeze up the entire system
And general video quality becomes very choppy

Yet a system restart will bring the system just back to normal, until another slow down happens. I am currently trying to pinpoint the original cause of these slowdowns but do not know where I should be checking.

Is this a known bug and/or do you have any suggestions for debugging or fixing this.

Thanks a ton

Edit: Attached the output of

Edit #2: I also noticed today (while continuing to search for an answer that, for this driver under supported products NVS 3100M is not there... Does this have anything to do with the performance issues I am having??
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