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Default 260.19.29 no HDMI audio on 10.10

I just installed x86_64_260.19.29 but cannot get HDMI audio to work on a GT240 under 10.10. Also, I cannot get the screen scaling to reduce so that 1920x1080 fits on my Aquos monitor.

All of the above works fine when I boot Windows7 (including adjusting the screen size to reduce it to fit on the monitor), and I get 5.1 digital audio out of Windows at up to 192KHz. Interestingly, the GT240 needs to be scaled to about 1880x1000 to fit on the 1920x1080 monitor, while all other devices connected to this TV fit properly on the screen at 1920x1080 native in Linux I am poking around off the edge of the visible area to access the top administration panels.

Back to the HDMI audio: In System->Prefernces->Sound, the two available hardware devices are the Analog internal (which works out of the headphone socket), or HDMI digital stereo (which doesn't produce any sound via HDMI). There isn't even an option for 5.1 audio from the HDMI.

All this was exactly the same with my previous GT210...

Anyone has any ideas? Thanks, Norm
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