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Post Game Physics, Second Edition

This is pretty interesting. I stumbled upon this book while I was in the local Borders. It is titled 'Game Physics, Second Edition' by David H. Eberly. The book itself would appear to be a hardcore math book if you took a peek inside as you can do at Amazon, but that is what programming physics for games is all about.

From Game Physics, Second Edition book description at
Create physically realistic 3D Graphics environments with this introduction to the ideas and techniques behind the process. Author David H. Eberly includes simulations to introduce the key problems involved and then gradually reveals the mathematical and physical concepts needed to solve them. He then describes all the algorithmic foundations and uses code examples and working source code to show how they are implemented, culminating in a large collection of physical simulations. The book tackles the complex, challenging issues that other books avoid, including Lagrangian dynamics, rigid body dynamics, impulse methods, resting contact, linear complementarity problems, deformable bodies, mass-spring systems, friction, numerical solution of differential equations, numerical stability and its relationship to physical stability, and Verlet integration methods. This book even describes when real physics isn't necessary ' and hacked physics will do.

Check it out here at Amazon, Game Physics, Second Edition.

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