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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Still no reason to talk to people like that. That's what pisses most of us off about you.

And I highly doubt that those shots are straight from the game. They look too clean.
Err.. What his comment sounded idiotical to me, thats why i said idiot to him. And this is nothing new, m3dude always has to bash on crytek titels and always whine when i post screenshots. Also hes often wrong in everything he says. U shouldn't feel pissed over the way i speak to him. Am not sure if M3 is trying to troll, trying to piss me off or is just randomly retarded when he goes on like he do.

Ofc the pics are straight from the game.. Resized from 1920x1080. You can even see the HUD in the first pic:

Even if they are taken at higher res than that you can easily get the same quality with supersampling and i shouldn't have to keep reminding this to you guys over and over again. M3 already tried this on me and i totally crushed him in that matter already. And meanwhile Crysis 2 is being less demanding than regular crysis I will be able to run atleast 3x3 SSAA with my GTX 295 as i can run 2x2 SSAA fine in Crysis 1 now.

And honestly, u can get graphics performance for 360 dollar that beats the crap out of GTX 580.. So supersampling wont be a problem... The problem is that most ppl dont know about this feature or even if they know of it wont think of/consider of using it.
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