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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'd say the HUD is just there to make it look like an ingame shot. I think it's an editor shot with a HUD layer applied to it afterwards. For example, the radar doesn't show the spaceship.

But I agree that supersampling (up to 1080p) won't be a major issue because the hardware is ready for Crysis 2.

And I hope you're not referring to the 6970 with that $360 comment. Or are you only talking about Crysis?
Omg you still think the screens are BS? The reason the spaceship is not on the radar i think is because you have to TAG it first with the binoculars, maybe this guy didnt tag it. Why would crytek photoshop up the HUD afterwards when they can take this pic ingame? They have probably fixed the issue C1 had that u couldn't use the e_Screenshot 1 command ingame, but had to do it via the Editor. I bet these pics are either taken ingame using e_screenshot command then downsampled OR taken with their new in-house Anti-aliasing mode along in 1920x1080. But am not sure... Am still seeing some aliasing on the original res (1920x1080) pics so my guess would be that it's the later option .

No am not referring to the 6970, am taking bout the 6850, and two of those will kick both 570 and 580's a$$ and cost less at the same time, 180$ per card @ newegg.
Another funny thing, dual 6950's in CF: if u OC em they will perform close to 580 SLI and even surpass it in apps like Vantage and BC2 and Metro. They cost $299 each, a pair is then just $60 more than a SINGLE 580, and when some tools gets released u can bump em up to SLI 580 performance That's almost dual the power of the 580 for only 60 dollar more! This is much thanks to the enhanced dx11 performance and brilliant Crossfire optimization that the radeon 6 series holds.

And Slawter, youre a good guy. I have nothing against you, M3 on the other hand manages to piss me off and make me throw a unnecessary word or two But i can say this much though and this also goes out to M3 who said the graphics was worse than C1:

The trailer is recorded supposedly on PC with a controller using 360 settings i.e around "medium". Crytek is waiting with blowing off PC fottage along with Very High settings just yet I heard after christmas they will ^^ Can't WAIT!
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