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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Barts will be 50% faster than GTX480 and Cayman will be 1 million times faster. Crysis2 will look tree tousand times better than crysis 1 which looked 90 hundred times better than gears of war lol consoles suck.

Morale of the above story, soet, you seem to have unrealistic expectations all the time. I would've though you'd realised that by now with the Barts and Cayman launch.

On a side note, with the problems I've noticed you having with SLI I really would advise you against comparing SLI/CF results apples to apples against single GPU cards. Time to take off the blinders and realise multi GPU setups aren't always all they're cracked up to be.

To be honest I have no problem believing that those shots are in game - they just use supersampling and are downscaled from 1080p. The thing is they're cherry picked beautiful examples of the game. Just like in Crysis. Once you get the game yourself it's not going to look that good all the time, and there will be flaws. I'm not sure if the trailer was from a console version of the game... I don't know why they would do that to be honest. They definitely seemed to be using a gamepad though which I always find disappointing.
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