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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

I have no problem taking on all of you 3 guys.. So here we go:

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Barts will be 50% faster than GTX480 and Cayman will be 1 million times faster. Crysis2 will look tree tousand times better than crysis 1 which looked 90 hundred times better than gears of war lol consoles suck.

Morale of the above story, soet, you seem to have unrealistic expectations all the time. I would've though you'd realised that by now with the Barts and Cayman launch.

On a side note, with the problems I've noticed you having with SLI I really would advise you against comparing SLI/CF results apples to apples against single GPU cards. Time to take off the blinders and realise multi GPU setups aren't always all they're cracked up to be.

To be honest I have no problem believing that those shots are in game - they just use supersampling and are downscaled from 1080p. The thing is they're cherry picked beautiful examples of the game. Just like in Crysis. Once you get the game yourself it's not going to look that good all the time, and there will be flaws. I'm not sure if the trailer was from a console version of the game... I don't know why they would do that to be honest. They definitely seemed to be using a gamepad though which I always find disappointing.
Sorry but i was fooled by false benchmark specs provided by one of the users at an asian forum that gave me those numbers. So it wasn't really a guess, i did have stuff to base my statement on so dont try to bash me for that. And yes, Crysis 1 looks about 90 thousand times better than Gears, as it's the most advanced engine out there.

Still the Barts and the Cayman cards are still good in my eyes, the 68xx series for it's great value and exeptional crossfire performance. Same with the 69xx series, price was set a little too high but now when prices are setteling i dont see a problem here. Two 6950's performing similar to dual 580's for alot lower price seem like a WIN in my eyes. Sorry for having high expectations but i prefer to be optimistic instead of pessimistic and doubtful like you.

Cherry picking beautiful examples? Now that was a bold and quite dumb comment dont you think? The level of detail has always been remarkable good over the entire level. And now this should be even better in C2 because they got some really talented environment artists in there to make the standard of each game level high. So your comment is bull in my opinion.

The trailer is from a PC running Medium settings, i already told you that. What's the problem of using a controller? They dont wanna show of the real graphics of Crysis 2 yet using a full feadered gaming PC yet for a reason.

Originally Posted by Noriega View Post
Soet screens from Crysis looks better
How can you even do that comparison when theres little to no urban environments released for Crysis 1 to compare with? If you think a jungle environment looks better than u can't make a fair comparison, then it's your taste it comes down to, that u actually think a jungle environment looks better, has nothing to do with the graphical standard and the effects used. Actually cryengine3 is more advanced than CE2, so there shouldn't be a case like you describe, secondly that trailer was still medium graphics. Probably the screenshots too. U haven't even seen Crysis 2 in it's full glory.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No worries about the troll comment. I ignored that right away

Can you please post the original 1080p shots? Then I might change my mind

Agreed about the better Crossfire scaling with the new AMD cards. But given my personal experience with Crossfire, I simply don't want to use that anymore. I prefer to spend a bit more money for a more reliable setup.
Guess my next setup will be Quad-SLI if nV will release a good and well balanced Dual-GPU card. If not, I'll keep the 480s. 7680x1600 will be challenging for a few games, especially Crysis 2.
SlaWter, the pics are up on several crysis pages and fanpages, including incrysis.. start by checking there. It's a hard call, as i dont know how effective crytek's new AA system is... They can be taken at a higher res than 1920x1080, it's kind of hard to say, as good AA makes it hard to decide, especially with little foliage are used which always help to spott if SSAA is on or not or if the game is downsampled using other techniques.

if you run dual 6990's you will run Quad-Crossfire and with the amazing scaling in the new radeon architecture i think that card will be a blast. Even if nVidia counter with a dual GPU card, it will be based on two 570's as two 580's will have too high TDP and wont be possible on a single PCB card. So IF they do, it will prolly be two 570's, and as two 6870's are spanking two 570's The 6990 presumable based on dual 6950's or 6970's will OFC be the fastest card around 2011! So my suggestion is that you save your 480's a while more and check how well 6990 performs, i think it will be a kickass card, especially for Crysis 2. And you who run several monitors can use Eyefinity, which is nice. Remember radeon also has Supersampling, and 6990 will probably run Crysis 2 great with SSAA.
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