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Default Re: Video Converter that uses FFDSHOW and keeps AC3 and does Batch

hmm I did a sample with wmv and it did look pretty good. I encode dvds at a 3000 bitrate just to make sure they look the same and I just encoded a movie at 2000 1 pass and it looked just like the source I used.
Maybe I should switch to WMV and save all the headaches..

Gotta see how tv shows look now if I put them at a low bitrate. I don't like tv shows to be higher than 175megs a piece. If they can look good at that size then I'm done.

-edit..ok wmv takes more space than h264 codec. Even at the same bitrate...doesn't make sense. h264 also still looks better at low bitrates. I'll use it for tv. Surround doesn't matter a whole lot there.

For dvd movies I'll use the bigger wmv vidz with 2 pass encoding just to save the trouble of remuxing 5.1 audio. I've got 4tb of space and counting so it doesn't really matter. It just needs to play well and look good in XBMC.
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