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Default Re: 260.19.21 still not working on 10.10

Originally Posted by eXpert View Post
Tryed 260.19.29 today. No progress.
I Think this bug is ignored by nvidia. Wish they had a public bugzilla.

I don't think that our problems have anything in common. I experience absolutely no audio troubles.

I tried using custom modelines. Didn't work for me. See attached new bugreport for current Xorg config.
I found the overscan problem -- TV remote has "view mode" button that needed to be set to "dot-by-dot" instead of "stretch" (this function does not appear in the full on-screen setup menus that I already searched to look for scaling).

HDMI audio issue has to be related to wrong ALSA setup in 10.10, because everything works fine on this machine when I boot Windows7 (dual-boot machine). But I'm pretty ignorant of ALSA configuration and management other than being aware it is there...
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