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Originally Posted by Imbroglio View Post
any setup information?


how many zones do you plan on setting up?

what kind of source components do you have? (all hdmi, all component, htpc, etc)

do you need bluetooth adapter, rf devices, only ir?

without knowing detailed information it's a tough choice because foundationally there isn't too much that separates these.

also, you'll need to look into some of the details of some of the receivers since I believe the pioneer doesn't have volume osd (which is pathetic at this price point).

if you have some time you should check out some of the owner threads at avs forums to get users feedback. ideally you should try to find a local shop that will let you demo the units at home for a few days and see which one is the best for you.
I will probably have a PS3 and or a Blu Ray player (not 3D), SVS sub, my speakers are all in-wall Jamo...had the rears installed last night, and I think I just might have found a NIB Pioneer Kuro . I will be using HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 cables(probably audioquest Pearl)

This is a whole new set up, I've looked at ALL of the 2010 model TV's and I'm not impressed with any of them to be honest.

I'm probably 1/2 % of the population that wont settle for anything less than a Kuro picture in a TV I'm very picky when it comes to video and not so much with audio.

I really like how the Marantz looks BTW.

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