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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Are we supposed to know those shots are on medium? No, so you can forgive us for not trying to read the minds of Crytek developers.
Am not sure about the pics, but the trailer was captured on Med settings. But if i would guess, the pics are probably taken att the same settings.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Ah I remember that I think you guessed a lot back then. You interpreted a lot out of those early rumored benchmarks.
I've given the 4870X2 and the 5970 a chance and I wasn't happy with those cards at all. I'm sure the 6990 will be fast. I just don't want one. I've had enough of those crappy AMD drivers.
Yeah i have a bad habit of being optimistic. Unfair of the asians to put up false stuff, *bastards*

Common, the drivers is fine for AMD cards now. Just ask around. Keep in mind that the 6990 is getting 4GB of GDDR5 ram... Compared to GTX 570 that got 1280MB LOL. Also Crossfire scaling surpasses SLI scaling, so dont forget that. Why chose a worse card mate? You know AMD is strong now, and their drivers are much better by todays standards.
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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Looks pre rendered to me.
Cool, but they aint...

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
WTF is your problem dude. Why don't you go hump a prerendered digital tree!
Yes there are some human enemies but the focus is on aliens! It's so blatantly obvious. You act like I'm dissing the game by saying the focus is on aliens, but I'm not.
My problem is your attitude and your retardness, you dont know if the focus is on the aliens, you or anyone outside crytek doesn't know a sh*t about crysis 2 more than what we already have seen. So dont try to play smart.

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
By cherry picking beautiful examples I mean good, stunning screenshots. Just like with crysis, you could take a screenshot of an ordinary part of the game and it wouldn't look all that great. Take one of a good sunrise/set over a nice bit of scenery with volumetric fog and light rays and it was stunning. Really it's just like real life - you can take an ordinary photo or a great one. I'm simply saying that the devs are going to take great shots to show off the game, when you play the actual game the results will vary. It's the same for any game.

As for the trailer being at medium settings, yes, YOU told us. Where's your source to back that up? Some asian forum again? Like I said you get way over hyped on these things and seem to believe every rumour you come across on the net.
Yeah, ofc they chose nice locations for their screenshots, not a lie in that. But i don't agree that the game has lower visual standard throughout the map, as i've seen some of the works of those who are level artists for Crysis 2, and i know how they work.

As for a source for my statement about the trailer, am sorry but i can't give out any names or anything lol, as even you should understand that it's very restricted information. I was lucky to get that piece of info.

And as were still on this matter i can add that if you guys don't believe me it's your choice and not my problem. This isn't anything official, and neither did i clam so. But i tell you, just wait, after new year crytek will reveal more of C2 as getting closer to release.

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
Visually as in tech thats not really that impressive to be unbeleivable. However shots have SSAA so thats anotehr story but techwise, no. That can perfectly be ingame material and I bet is.

If it is the latest trailer then whatever setting it is has more incommon with Crysis/Warhead medium settings than very high settings on a tech basis but additions of glare effect, flare system and GI. Give away is how surfaces are lit, shadow resolution and filtering, geometry complexity, cloak/SSS effects, texture res and mapping and more.
Exactly, here's a guy who do understand lol. True what you said about crysis1 medium... Thanks for filling this in Yoda, you know what you talk about, and i like persons like that.

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
when is he ever right about anything? he claims he can play crysis at 1920x1200 w/ vh settings with 2x2 ssaa smoothly on a gtx 295.....lulz bomb.
Am mostly always right, but in matters of unreleased hyped hardware it's hard for anyone to give precise numbers, everything is predictions until the cards are released, but sometimes early benchmarks are somewhat correct, doesn't happen that often tho. Only those within AMD gets to know, just like compared to Crytek, leaked information/performance stats isn't good when the product is not final. Jesus christ that i have to keep reminding you guys of this.

I never said i ran 1920x1200 VH and 2x2SSAA you fool. I said i ran crysis fine with 2x2SSAA, and btw am on a 19w right now so my res is 1440x900, lot less heavy than 2x2SSAA on 1920x1200, just do the math kid. And to me the gameplay is quite smooth. Am getting 25 - 35 fps on average, never dips under 20. On that res, it's no problem to have a playable game.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
haha smooth = 15fps?
25 - 35...
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