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Default Re: "Side-by-side" error...?

I'm also looking around today, trying to figure out what the heck a "side by side configuration" error is. My friend's system was acting up, and I checked it out over the weekend, thinking she might have picked up a bug again. (No chance of that since she was running THREE security programs -- Norton, Avira and CA -- sheesh!). I checked Events and found massive "side by side" errors.

Her problems included programs not opening properly. For example, in Firefox, her nav bar was missing. We were unable to load any new software onto the system, getting a configuration error message when we tried, and many Windows tools would not work at all. Scans showed no viruses or malware.

I set it back to a restore point in October, and that seems to have fixed the problem for the moment. I also removed two of the security packages off her system. For the time being, this seems to have done the trick, but I still have no idea what happened.
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