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Default Re: Want to replace my GTX-285. What is the best choice?

Definitely the GTX 570. The GTX 480 is now end of life. It was a fast card but way too hot and loud. The GTX 570 is MUCH quieter and cooler. You can't go wrong with the GTX 570!
The HD 6970 is also a good choice and has 2GB of onboard memory. It's very close to the GTX 570 in performance but it doesn't have PhysX or CUDA. It's really what you want more. If you want the memory, take a serious look at the HD 6970. However, the games of today don't use much more than 1GB of RAM. The 1280MB in the GTX 570 will last for some time. Unless you have an ultra-resolution monitor like 2560X1536 the GTX 570 is more than adequate.
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