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Default EVGA GTX 570 overclocking issues.

Recently upgraded from an EVGA GTX 465 to EVGA GTX 570. Max stable OC without increasing voltage is 815/2000. When I try to up the volts and increase core clock ~ 850 Mhz I start getting voltage errors from my motherboard monitor. Wondering if it is a powersupply issue? I am using EVGA precision and E-LEET for my overclock. Has this happened to anyone before? Is this am ominous sign that my PSU is about to fail or some software conflict between E-LEET program and my ASUS software? My system specs are below.

i7 930 @ 4.2ghz (1.35V)
Asus Rampage III Formula
6gb Mushkin Redline CL6 @ 1600Mhz
Corsair HX620 (3 years old)
150gb raptor and 500GB 7200rpm
4x 120mm fans
1 DVD burner
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