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Default Re: 60Hz vs. 120Hz vs. 240Hz TVs

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Err, that's 120Hz.
Whatever you do make sure the tv has a game mode or something like that. All that 120hz-240hz crap adds frames and also adds input lag. If you played classic super mario brother on a newer set with these smoothing features on you will notice the moment you press jump that mario seems to jump just a hair later. You do not want this.

All lcd's have this to some extent but with a game mode all that crap is turned off so that it acts more like a pc monitor and kills that lag below a perceivable level. I learned the hard way when I had to cart a 55" back to the store because of terrible input lag no matter the mode and it was an lg.

I have a Toshiba 55' lcd that I used for my main comp screen. It has two low lag modes. Game and pc. Pc uses a minor amount of smoothing and the lag is not perceivable at all. It makes console games running locked at 30 fps look more like 45 or so. Love it. It is an year and a half old now and perfect.

The model is a zv-650u. Their newer models might be worth looking in too.

That smoothness crap is way less obvious on the Toshiba sets and much more subtle to maintain a film appearance. I dont know about you but seeing the 120-240 smoothing on other sets makes everything look like the evening news. It is great for space or nature blu-rays but not movies. Makes them look so cheap. 3d...... I would wait. It has failed everytime in the home. When polarized screens become the norm and we only have to wear those simple polarized sunglasses for 3d then its on. I fear it will fail again so if I were you I would wait it out.

There will be sets that require no glasses. They will have depth to their images but I do not think it possible to have things coming at you and jumping out of the screen with this tech. The nintendo 3ds is going to use such a screen.
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