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Default Re: connecting comp on receiver

Originally Posted by tommaazz View Post
I have a radeon hd 6850 connected through hdmi to my receiver. I would like to know if anyone know how to setup a computer so that the receiver will do decoding and not the computer. Any help would be appreciated.
I have this type of setup with a 480gtx. Just make sure that in control panel/sounds that it is set as the default playback device. Disable any other sound cards via device manager or bios if it is on board. It has to be enabled in the drivers for nvidia. I cant say for ati. Everything should just work once you do this. Games should be in surround and depending on your receiver you should see mode switching on the receiver every time you play music or games. Mine says multichannel pcm when playing games.

For music I would use foobar and look in to the wasapi plugin. This will allow fubar to communicate directly with your receiver over hdmi and bypass all internal windows sound mixing etc. It has a learning curve but if you have good audio gear you would be missing out not using it for music.

You are about to hear why mp3's suck. My old audio gear was run of the mill and they sounded fine. I got my hands on some cash and spent A LOT of money on my sound gear speakers and all and as a result had to re-encode all of the music I own to flac because mp3s sound like crap. With good gear and good speakers you will hear it big time. Sloshy treble, no dynamics etc. My mp3's were all encoded at 320 too.

You really should look in to getting some surround music. Dvd-audio had a ton of really good artist and if you know where to look you can find a lot of music in multichannel surround. Depends on your taste. Once you hear Hotel California in 5.1 at 96khz/24 bit there is no going back. They have it on amazon but it is mega expensive now. I bought it for 20 bucks I think.

Once you get hooked up pm me about surround music if you want.
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