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Default Re: Call for testers: HDMI pass-through

Originally Posted by ScottKnight View Post
IIt turns out that all three of my systems are C79s (a 9300 IGP, a 9400 IGP and a Zotac MAG) and I won't be enjoying these HD codecs when they are implemented unless I am willing to replace otherwise perfectly working hardware.
You'll get E-AC-3 and DTS-HD under 6.144Mbps on those cards, though (my post at XBMC forum), but not TrueHD or full DTS-HD MA.

Originally Posted by ScottKnight View Post
Indeed, it's hardly possible to go shopping for something from the following list
Indeed, an official list would be appreciated. I can understand NVIDIA's need to be careful, though, as it wouldn't be very good to have people buying hardware based on wrong info in some list...

Originally Posted by ScottKnight View Post
So far it looks like ION2 and GT430 are confirmed? Even if that GT425 were the most perfectly supported GPU, there is No Way am I going to spend ~$900 for it.
As far as I know, ION2 has the same issues as GeForce 200 series, i.e. it works with some receivers but not all. GT430 should work fine, though. I believe it is likely that other GeForce 400 series GPUs also work on all receivers.
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