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Default Re: Anyone get a Kinect?

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
Are you guys still using it in a month? Please post back and let me know if this gets tossed aside after a few weeks or if it has staying power...
Just over a month or so ago I sold our Wii that I thought my two daughters would like and bought a Kinect.. I was not a big fan of the Wii to begin with and really had not even thought about the Kinect until I started reading very favorable reviews on it..

Jump ahead to today..

I have picked up Kinectimals and Kinect Sports.. Kinect Sports has been a winner and my two girls play it quite a bit.. They have put more time on the Kinect than the whole time we had the Wii..

Hope sales are high enough to warrant developers attention, it has so much promise.
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