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Default Re: connecting comp on receiver

Hi and thanks for replys. I have all hoked up and it all works but...i would like when playing a game that the receiver would do decoding (now it says pcm 5.1) is that possible? I know how to set it all up when watching movies so that the receiver would do decoding but i dont know for games. And i have a marantz 5004 and with the blurays and hd sound i must set it so that the computer will do decoding or i cant use audyssey with it (it is the limitation of last years marantz receivers) if receiver does hd decoding...but i am not sure if the sound send to
my receiver is hd at all as it only says pcm 5.1 but when receiver does it says dd hd master audio or dts hd...but no audyssey. And i have another minor problem...i can hear when lets say in game i change resolution in the center channel it pops (not very loud but audible and only in center channel) what could that be...a bad hdmi cable? My gear is marantz sr 5004 and monitor audio bx speakers and mirage s12 sub. When i had dvd connected to my receiver i have never heard any pops so that is very odd.
I like a song hotel california too but i have never heard it in 5.1 96k i would say it must sound awesome and specially the woofer as the drums are freaking awesome in that song . I only have metallica in dts 5.1 the concert in France i think that was a few years ago if i remember correctly and it sounds good too.
And another thing is it ok that my signal send from computer to receiver is set @ 24 bits 96k or i should set it @ 16 bits 44k as it is by default?
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