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Default Re: 60Hz vs. 120Hz vs. 240Hz TVs

I beg to differ Turdhat. Our Samsung 55" LCD does have a game mode but we have found there is no input lag when in regular non game mode. Well there may be some but it is really unnoticeable to me and my son.
I tried using game mode to see the difference and the only difference we could see was it was way more jaggy looking on the XBOX 360.

Now I don't use the Auto Motion Plus option which interpolates frames to smooth out the picture as I hate the soap opera look it gives. Turning that on would, I imagine, create some input lag, but like I said, having that off gives us no need to turn on game mode.

The 120hz feature itself doesn't cause the smoothing soap opera (or evening news look) it's the smoothing options on the tv. Samsung calls theirs AMP (Auto Motion Plus) and other companies call it something different. My tv always runs at 120hz but then you can turn on that AMP mode and even adjust the smoothing and juddering removal settings if you like. I just like to turn it off completely.
I would advise getting a tv where you can turn that smoothing garbage off when watching films. No way in hell I'd buy a tv with that smoothing crap on all the time. It ruins the picture.
A game mode would also be advisable but not always needed.
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