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Default Appeal to join the NvNews F@lding Team

I typically make these posts about once a year, so here goes.

Folding@Home is a distributed computing project that is used to form a super-computer of sorts using our cpu's, gpu's and PS3's and help solve the mysteries of Folding.

Proteins fold in all of our bodies. Normally, there is no issue and we all live our lives merrily. But when there are mis-folds, diseases and afflictions such as Cancer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and others can come about.


The distributed computing project is in place to help search for root causes and simulate many scenarios that can help arrive at a cure through better understanding of these diseases and protein folding. We all know someone who either has a debilitating disease now or passed away from one.

Peer reviewed papers and results can be found here:

The Nvidia cards that have been released since the 8xxx series through today's 5xx series, are monsters at F@lding. The sheer computational power crunches the larger Work Units much faster than on AMD cards, CPU's or PS3's and by dedicating spare cycles towards the project, we can all help out.

The new NVIDIA client is available here:

Please note that Nvidia client is the GPU3, AMD folders can still use the GPU2 client.

The GPU3 client is a much improved version of the previous iterations. When it detects DirectX or other GPU activity, it slows down or stops completely and therefore the chances of system instability are greatly reduced and you should see the same frame-rates in-game as you would have if the client was not running. There are FAQ's for how to setup multi-GPU folding as well.


In order to join the NvNews team, simply run the client (it will typically add itself to your Start-Up folder), in your taskbar, right-click and go to "CONFIGURE", enter your User-Name and the NvNews team id (35216) and adjust the slider for the usage to whatever you are comfortable with (mine resides at 70%) and that is basically it.

Your GPU will Fold in the background when your system is on.

This is for a great cause with proven results and the team aspect of it is to help generate more research than we might otherwise see. Our team used to be a top 130 team but as our number of active folders has fallen back, so has our rank. Even if you do not consider joining on with the NvNews Folding team, please consider donating some GPU cycles towards searching for a cure.

Happy Holidays everyone.
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