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Default Samsung BD-P1590 issues!

What's up everyone? So I bought this Blu-Ray player almost a year ago and I never had any problems with it at all... Up until now. I just bought The Pacific on Blu-Ray this weekend and started watching it on my 80GB PS3 back on base. I'm currently sitting in front of my TV, looking through this player's settings, wondering why it's not playing my miniseries! When I first popped the disk in (about 2 hours ago), it loaded up the disk and the show's loading bar came up. I was ready to enjoy it. But then the player spits it back out saying it's unable to play the disk. I don't know why it's doing that. I updated the player to the latest firmware I can find (2.13) and tried again. Is this just a compatibility issue that Blu-Ray has been having with certain titles? It plays perfectly fine on my PS3 (it hasn't had a FW update since...maybe July 2009) so I assumed it would work fine on my Samsung player. This is really disconcerting seeing that my PS3 that out dates my Blu-Ray player can play The Pacific and the player wont. This is really hindering the ability for me to further enjoy the miniseries that I sought to watch since I got back from my deployment! Can anyone please help me?

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