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Default TwinView and MultiGPU?

Hi folks,

I have a GTX 295 which features two fysical GPU's on the same card.
In order to use them both I have to enable MultiGPU mode in xorg.conf.
However it fails to initialize when TwinView is enabled.

After going trough the readme of 260.19.29 I came across this:

"TwinView is also not supported with SLI or Multi-GPU. Only one display can be used when SLI or Multi-GPU is enabled, with the exception of Mosaic"

Isn't that a little harsh?
I mean on Windows MultiGPU can be used while both my monitor and tv are connected.
And I didn't buy the card to only utilize one GPU:P
Are there any plans to support both GPU's with TwinView on linux in the future?
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