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Default Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 *Vietnam* Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That was similar in BC2 as well which annoyed me. Just a waste of ammo and slow gameplay.
Play BC2 and Vietnam in HC mode. It's much better, plus no stupid map and crosshair.

If it weren't for HC mode, I'd probably have stopped playing games like BC2 and the newer CoDs after two days.
...and I hate running across the battlefield for 2 minutes to get back into the action while some jack wagon on the other team hides in a tree and keeps picking me off before I can figure out where he is. I died like 10 times last night trying to get back to the capture points (playing rush), this guy was just camping the bushes but he kept moving around. With the 9 miles of fog on these maps its impossible to see anything without a scoped rifle and they have the power of a one pump bb gun.

This game is just so frustrating to me. At least in BO there is a kill cam, also you usually know who got you since the maps aren't 14 miles long with 9 miles of fog compensating for short draw distance and pop in textures that load as you move. I found the BF series and MOH to have really crappy game play experiences. They just aren't fun.
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