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Default Re: Upgrade from 5850: which one?

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
20-30% only translates into a few fps difference. In my books that's pretty small, it won't really make the difference of one game not running well at all. But then again I tend to only upgrade when there's more than 100% difference in fps, so maybe I'm not the right one to ask. Though I see you're hanging onto an 8800 GTX so I'm sure you can kind of understand where I'm coming from.
It's the difference between 30 fps or 40 fps(25%). Also 50 fps or 65 fps(24%). This translates into the same increases for Min fps as well in most situations. I do understand where you're coming from, but we disagree on what very small differences in performance are. I'm holding on to my 8800gtx, but not because I upgrade for 100% performance difference. I simply find the games I tend to play don't require it at the moment.
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