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Default Re: 2D surround - possible with single 570?

Originally Posted by omnom1986 View Post
Hey. Is it possible to span a game across two monitors with a single GTX 570? All the reviews and docs I can find point to SLI.

The problem is that I've bought a 570 and I can't seem to find the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel which lets me set up multi-monitor gaming.

System details:
Triple-monitor desktop
GTX 570 (primary card, 2x identical 23" Dells attached @ 2048x1152)
GTX 260 216sp (PhysX card, single 1920x1200 monitor attached)
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Driver version: 263.09

I want to span a game across the two 23" monitors attached to the GTX 570. If this is possible, how do I set it up?

You can't run NVIDIA Surround on 2 monitors, or with one card. (unless the card is one of very few GTX295s with 3 outputs)

You wouldn't want to do the surround with 2 monitors because it would split the main action in half with the bezels. This is the reason the Eyefinity options for more than 3 panels are worthless- the bezels split your character and the mainaction too much.

With 3 panel NVIDIA Surround, or Eyefinity, the side panels act as your peripheral vision and lets you see a wider playing field.

You would want two 570s for the best gaming experience anyway, because these are high res solutions. My three 2233s are set at 5040 X 1050, and the resolutions go up from there.
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