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Default Re: Microsoft warns on IE browser bug

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Don't go to questionable sites and have common sense and you should be ok.

I was mainly a Firefox user, and this new version of IE, albeit being beta, is so awesome (for me, at least) now I just use Firefox for one of the job looking places (for some reason, IE9 doesn't advance me into the jobs list when it's bigger than 1 page), but for the rest?

IE all the way... YouTube, eBay, Amazon, NVIDIA, Steam, Facebook, Google, everything works like a charm. Ok, still some quirks here and there, but come on... it's still a beta, and for a beta, this kind of speed and responsiveness is something quite admirable.

Now we just need Adobe to stop sleeping on its own desk and release a full-fledged and finished 64 bits version of Flash and... bye bye, 32 bits

People wanting more security can install something like Microsoft Security Essentials or one of the free antivirus out there on the internet like Avast or the likes, so... what's the big deal about the 'holes'?

Firefox also has... same goes for Webkit and Opera... if software ever gets to the point of being perfect, it will mean it's made by a machine and not humans anymore xD
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