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Exclamation Problem after suspend to RAM


I have a problem with my card and it's been 2-3 months now.

First of all, my system configuration:

Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2,8Ghz
6GB DDR2 RAM @ 800Mhz
Intel SSD 80GB G2 with TRIM
Asus P5Q-PRO motherboard
XFX nVidia GeForce GTX260

Archlinux x86_64
Xorg Server 1.9.2
xorg-utilities 7.6
KDE 4.5.4
nvidia driver 260.19.29
pm-utils 1.4.1


Alright now let's get to the point.

When I switch my system on, I have no problems at all. VDPAU works great, 3d performance is ok and everything just works.

Whenever I suspend to ram (tried with pm-utils and with s2ram), suspend works just fine and resumes just fine. However, although resume works fine, it initiates a bug where everything 3d or vdpau related is slow.

It's not only slow, it's actually freezing for 2-3 seconds randomly or when I do the following:

Playing a vdpau-capable video and going from fullscreen to normal and back again.
Playing a non-vdpau-capable video produces the same effect.
Sometimes just typing in firefox produces the same effect.
Running glxgears for some time.

One thing to notice is that although it freezes for 2-3 seconds when going fullscreen (or from fullscreen and back), the audio is still playing fine and never chokes.


Things I've already tried with NO success:

1. Adding irqpoll to my kernel command line options doesn't have any effect.
2. Adding nomodeset has no effect.
3. Previous kernel had the same issue
4. Previous nvidia drivers had the same issue (can't remember when it started, but it was around the launch of the 260.xx series)
5. Disabling cpufreq has no effect.
6. Cleaning every config file and start anew has no effect.
7. Reinstalling everything has no effect.


Things that fix the problem:

1. Rebooting
2. Forcing removal of nvidia module and reinserting it without reboot works.


Things to notice:

1. Suspend doesn't have this problem on windows 7
2. I have no errors in Xorg.0.log, kernel.log, dmesg.log, pm-suspend.log, pm-powersave.log, errors.log, kdm.log, everything.log and messages.log. All these files are clean from nvidia or xorg related errors.
3. My RAM is not full. I have 1,6/6GB used.

Attaching 2 files. One before doing suspend/resume and one right after resume from suspend:
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