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Default Re: Screen resolution can not be set higher than 1360x768 though Acer S243HL supports

Originally Posted by mkossmann View Post
And which messages can be found in that case in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?
The only other hint to the problem in your provided Xorg.0.log file is that the driver can't read the EDID from your monitor. So it might be that the driver restricts itself to "safe" resolutions to avoid damaging the monitor because it doesn't know the monitors capabilities given usually by be EDID.

I would try two things in your case:
First try the latest driver version 260.19.29 to check if it still has the problem reading the EDID.
If this version still shows the problem I would start playing with a "custom EDID" . The "custom EDID" provides the monitors capabilities to the driver, just like a Windows "monitor driver" .inf file.
Thanks for your attempt to help.

I'm not sure we speak the same language. I had no idea what an EDID file is all though I have seen the word before reading a lot of post regarding bad resolutions - until You explained it, nor do I know how to use one. I can find a .inf file on Acers homepage but no EDID file.

First of all... I am a totally noob regarding Linux/Ubuntu. When I try updating.... the system tells me that it is updated. When I visit the nvidia download page I can see that there is a newer driver, but I can't figure out how to download and execute it. When I try downloading the driver I just get a lot of rubbish i Firefox (a kind of a bin file) shown on screen. Not much of a help since I would like to install it instead of reading it ;-)

So you can see it is uphill for me just to install the latest driver.

If you could explain to me how I make a custom EDID file and have it executed.

I'm not afraid to force the driver to run 1920x1080. I just do not know how.
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