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Default Re: VDPAU Problems with Mythbuntu on ION

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
It's hard to recommend 260.xx drivers to anyone using mythtv. And to stick to 195.* or 256.*

With 260, there are plenty of visual artifacts, crashes. Playing video with vpdau, if you interrupt it, you end up with the last video frame played in greyscale on the desktop.

Bit regression with 260.
Luckily I found that my GT430 works with the latest 256 drivers
sorry for highjacking the thread , but i can not agree on ScottKnight and I wholeheartly agree with that opinion. 260 is so bad that i don't even know where to start reporting. As a yavdr developer (http.// i can confirm:

- Bad tearing issues with 260.xx - which have not been there before and are really anoying. (loosing vsync most probably from what i read here ?)
- white artifacts (like snow) on dark areas (which could be old pictures i suppose?) - sometimes only once every 2 weeks, for other a lot more often (some uninitialized memory/overflow?)

Currently trying this:
# fix tearing
env __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE="<?cs var:system.x11.display.default ?>"

# and snow ?

in the environment of the Xserver.
And this in the xorg:
Option "OnDemandVBlankinterrupts" "on
Option "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling = Native"

The Tearing still doesn't seem to be under control. This has not been in 256.xx, on the other hand regular long running vdpau calls are fixed with 260.xx (regular freezes in vdpau decoding). In the end it seems last more or less vdpau problem free release was 195.30

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