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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 4xx/5xx thread"

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
As I said before, I'm pretty sure it's the downclocking. Check the clocks while gaming.

I have the same issue in iRacing while taking a video with Fraps. That caps it to 30 FPS and with SLI active, both cards clock down significantly and after that it's not possible to maintain the frame rate in every part of the track. I always disable SLI for taking videos in iRacing.

Use for example MSI Afterburner and its ingame overlay (or secondary screen, Logitech keyboard display and so on..) and check the clocks. There you can also create custom profiles so avoid the downclocking.
I used EVGAs monitoring/OC tool, and as far as I can tell the card is not downclocking when I experience the problem I've described. When I posted last time I think I was forcing vsync via inspector. Today brings a new development. Here are the settings I'm now using:

Resolution: 1920x1080
In-game settings: DX10, all very high, 4xMSAA, vsync
Inspector settings: 4x TSSAA

When I initially start the game the contrast is very dark, the EA logo is stuttery (like it's running at 5fps), in-game the game is very stuttery. The FPS are synced at 24fps, but with r_displayinfo I can see that the min FPS go into the teens and even the single digits often. Those dips happen most frequently during and kind of fast movement. Despite the poor performance, EVGAs tool doesn't indicate any downclocking.

Without exiting the game, if I alt-enter once, the screen goes blank for a second and then upon returning (still in fullscreen), the game appears brighter with less contrast. Additionally, upon returning I notice that my minimum FPS are now steady at 24FPS and gameplay is perfectly smooth regardless of how much I move or what's going on on-screen. There is no screen tearing, so I take it that vsync is still working. Again, my monitoring tool indicates no change in The GPUs frequencies.
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