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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 4xx/5xx thread"

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
brady, does that still happen without vsync?

Crysis was very picky about the monitor refresh rate for me as well, but only with ATI cards. As soon as there was an nV card installed (even only for PhysX while using the ATI card as the primary card), the problems were fixed and the game was running at 60Hz.
Hmmm, turns out it still happens without vsync. So, even with vsync disabled, upon first loading Crysis the game is very dark and stuttery with minimum FPS dipping into the single digits at times. After a single alt-enter the game's brightness appears higher (although, the in-game settings for brightness, contrast, and gamma do not appear to have changed), and the game runs perfectly smooth with minimum FPS rarely dipping into the 30s. I've adjusted the in-game brightness/contrast/gamma so that after the alt-enter the game appears how I think it should. When I start the game now it is very very dark, and after an alt-enter it's just right.

Did you try to delete/deactivate the HDTV 1080p/24Hz profiles in NVCP? Maybe you can force it to use the higher refresh rates?
I'm not worried about getting a higher refresh rate anymore. Even when it's synced at 24fps, after doing the alt-enter thing once, the game is extremely smooth with absolutely no input lag. Also, I like the cinematic look of 24fps. My problem before was all the stuttering, but an alt-enter appears to completely resolve that problem. I have no clue why the game is initially stuttery, but I can handle having to do an alt-enter once to get it working how I want it to. The game looks stunning on my new 47" LED at 1920x1080, DX10, very high, 24p, 4xMSAA + 4xTSSAA. Also, I just bought and installed a Dolby Digital Live enabled sound card, so I've got the visuals complimented with 5.1 surround sound via optical cable to my A/V receiver. It's really a whole new experience.
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