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Default Core i7-740QM Processor + GT 330M: Will work with CUDA && Linux?

Hi all,

Recently i bought a laptop ( intel core i5 + Integrated Graphics + a NVIDIA 435M ) with "Optimus" for development with CUDA under linux, sadly as most of you know, it wont work . For me, this laptop it is nothing more than a brick. By my fortune, i was able to sell it out and look for the appropriate for my needs.

There's this option, OEM: Dell, Vostro 3700 which has: Core i7-740QM Processor and a GeForce 330M: Two things make's me think there's still some hope on CUDA+linux 1) it is suposed core i7 does not have IGP 2) description on nvidia site tells that no Optimus exist on this device neither other strange thing.

So, anybody in this forum have this laptop or the same kind of hardware configuration working with CUDA under linux ?

I dont think ill going to be as lucky as i've was with the previous laptop. So please help me out with this question.

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