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Default Re: What Are The Best New MMOs in 2010?

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
winton, well its f2p, but it has parts of it that you still need to pay for. Also adding a new dungeon dosn't take a large amount of resources. eq1 still does expansions and it is %100 floated by old subscribers, as the game has made no attempts at revamping itself for new blood.
I guess I'm not too familiar with whats free. I'm not worried since I'm a lifetime subscriber. I haven't felt the urge to play since switching to Aion though. I just wonder if it'll be around long enough to have the story finish. In some respects I think having the LOTR tag hurts the play mechanics. There was no true "mage class" in the original game. They added in an expansion the rune keeper and LOTR fans were all up in arms.

If they want to make the game fun they should consider having world pvp free for all. Then I would play. Heck I'd play as a monster race and PWN all those annoying hobbits.... its a bit too casual in its current state for my taste I guess.

Sorry for being OT.
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