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Talking Re: 4GB or 8GB? (for an AMD system)

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
Redeemed, you and I are the overspenders according to Lydian Knight. He's not going for 16gb, trust me. He knows I would tell him to go for the 8gb so he doesn't have to spend "big" euros on his part for some time to come.
Hahaha your comment was funny, I like it in a way, but you're wrong

You can do whatever you want with your money, I prefer to go for a cheaper setup, I don't really need 16GB as the only program justifying it would be Photoshop and for the occasional photo re-touching I do, it's not worth the money or the effort (but for me, it's perfectly ok if you want to go for it, you, Redeemed, or whoever is the one doing it).

8GB was my initial thought, and still is... 4GB is what my 'old' system had and I didn't hit the limit with any application but still... I don't want to bite the bullet, so your recommendation is essentially right... 8GB is what I'm probably going to get (as long as I can get my hands on a good offer, I'm not paying more than 150 for the whole lot).
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