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Default Re: GTS250 to GTX275 worth it?

a GTS450 = GTS250 lol, and a GTX 460 and 6850 are out of my budget range of 50 + what im selling the GTS for lol so for the GTS275 id pay 35, find me 115 dollar GPU that is better than a GTX275 that he said he will RMA for me if need be, so its covered under lifetime lol. What im more interested in is this.

What kind of preformance gain can i expect.

Will my AThlon II X3 450 unlocked to Quad core and Oced to 3.7ghz slow it down, or will I be ok

Also games played

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Company of Hereo's
Call of Duty Black Ops
World of Warcraft
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