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Default Re: KDE4 4.5.1 plasma-desktop fails with 260.19

This may be written off as a suse bug but the problem seems to be narrowed to i586/i686 machines and the bug is not in the 2.6.35-linux/NV256.53 driver though I never found 256.53 to be stable on my system.

256.53 of course won't build on the 2.6.36 kernel. Making this really annoying. So one is left to go back to less stable versions or live without kde until someone figures out wtf is going on.

The fact that so few of us are using these dated systems doesn't seem to make it much of a priority for anyone. KDE suggests its an upstream issue. NV suggests its a suse issue. SUSIE seems to have closed the bug report as well suggesting its either a driver or kde issue if its even a real issue. Well I can confirm its a real issue.

My suggestion use XFCE or Lxde until its fixed. 2.6.36 with 260.19.xx seem very stable other then not being compatable with kde4.6rc1
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