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Default Re: Windows 7 Sp1 install troubles......

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
Why are you trying to install an RC? Let Microsoft do the dirty job and download it once it's ready for the public.
One of the big reasons Microsoft releases the betas and RC's of things like this is so people can try it. If there's some show-stopping problem, information related to the problem can be collected and shot over to MS, where they can say "oh, under these conditions there's a problem. Let's fix that."

It's no big jump of logic to say that the free release of the betas and RC's for Windows 7 gave MS a gigantic pool of machines to test against, and in doing so they reduced potential post-RTM problems. Notice Win7 has been out what, 16ish months, and few people are really clamoring for a service pack. Remember the "Send feedback" button? People used it.

Vista did not have an open beta. Keep that in mind.
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