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Default Re: GTS250 to GTX275 worth it?

I'd honestly say... no, it's not worth your money, for two basic reasons:

1. a GTX 275 is a GTX 260 with 24 more CUDA cores and almost 40W more of TDP.
2. current 400 series from NVIDIA is even better and at a similar price point.

If you're very tight on budget and you can pass on DirectX 11, go for a GTX 260, it will be cheaper, quieter, 216 cores are more than enough for current games (at moderate-to-high quality settings) and it won't be stopped by your current CPU (I had a Phenom II X4 905e @ 2.5GHz / 65W, and it didn't really go slow).

So, essentially... that. If you're very tight, GTX 260 (it's my recommendation, at least). If you can grab a couple more of dollars/euros here and there... a GTX 460 is a good card for you.

Hope that helps

EDIT: Didn't fully read your comment, sorry... go with the GTX 275. Worth it? For sure! going from 128 to 240 cores IS a big difference

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