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Default Re: VDPAU Problems with Mythbuntu on ION

before the 260 some people had the problem of the video to stop and then speedup and continue to run every few minutes/twice an hour or something like that. This is gone since 260. What you are referring to is most likely complete freezes.

I'm distribution developer not software developer. So i can not help on fixing something. What i can do is to put the problems we get reported to be visible also here. There are also some lenghty discussion over at about this. Until now no other real workaround, then to rollback to some other version (whatever fits you best, i guess 256 for ION2/G(T)2x0 195.30 for ION/8x00/9x00

i'm trying 195.36 at the moment - later maybe also 256 - not sure yet what i want to keep. Fixed 260 would be prefered.

Again sorry for highjacking - i just could not see "Can you please try the latest 260.* driver from the FTP site? " uncommented and wanted to get frustration from "our" users in here as well ...
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