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Default Webpage rendering slow in kde/qt apps

Rendering webpages in kde/qt apps is really slow if -graphicssystem=native is used. Using raster improves the situation *a lot*. This is true for at least both konqueror and rekonq, using either khtml or webkit as backend (but note that rekonq up to, and including 0.6.1 programmatically switches to raster - latest git version doesn't, due to rendering issues with raster on some hw/driver configs).

I know that it is a pretty well known fact that raster is faster than native. But raster is also buggy (for me, and many others as well it would seem). Furthermore, web rendering is the only thing I'm aware of where the performance diff is actually an issue. The rest of my kde4 desktop is "flying" and has no noticable performance issues at all.

Anyone else seeing this? Is nvidia working on a fix? Anyone know of any workarounds, except switching browser?
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