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Default Re: PS3 security hacked

After going through the conference footage, this is a big deal and also not a big deal yet. It's a big deal because they now have complete access to the lv2 of the PS3. This means they can easily replace the GameOS with Linux because they can just sign the executable with Sony's private key and the system will never be able to tell that it wasn't Sony that made it. But this does not apply for piracy purposes because as it was said in the conference they did not attempt to get the private keys for the GameOS level of the PS3. Only if that happens will piracy become quite trivial to do.

Though it is interesting before it was lvl2->GameOS->OtherOS as the sequence for the security chain. Now it's lvl2->AsbestOS as the sequence so now linux or whatever that is running has even more privileges than OtherOS.

So the only thing remaining is to see if Sony blundered the GameOS signing stuff or not. If Sony didn't do the same idiotic thing as they did with the lvl2 code (int GetRandomNumber(){return(4);} LOL) in GameOS then they should still be OK. But if they did the same thing they are screwed.

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