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Default P67 chipset motherboards available online now!

Well, for those who don't believe in waiting, P67 motherboards can be ordered now. Superbiz has the Asus P8P67 for $152.99, an excellent deal in anybodies book. They also have the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3P for $156.99. And if you really want to blow a gasket on a major foundation for crazy overclocking and multi-GPU madness, they have the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7 for $319. (links not provided, just google P67 motherboards and hit the "shopping" tag and bunches pop up, take your pick.)

So far, only Asus and Gigabyte making an appearance, but several online shops are all showing shipping now including Superbiz, Allstarshop, CPU Solutions, NextdayPC, and a few others. CPUs to fit these motherboards still are not available, but getting your platform ready for their launch is now a full on "Go". Get yer funky Sandy Bridge on!

Just for reference, I didn't include links to respect Nvnews observance of any NDA's they may be under or required to enforce. Google will take you right to the item's referenced, but I won't be accused of being a spam-bot. Find yer own links, I'm just sounding off that they're out there now.
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