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Default Re: xOrg Freeze on Kubuntu 10.04 + Firefox + 2 x GTX 460 SLI

I am suprised you were able to use your computer that long. I have 3x gtx 480 and when I enable SLI the freezes are almost instant after I complete my login on ubuntu 10.10. Without SLI enabled you cannot control video card fan speeds, thereby allowing the cards to get extremely hot during CUDA application uses. SLi for fermi chips has not yet been properly implemented yet. When I only ran 2x gtx 480 in sli the freezes were not as often but they do happen at least every hour. With Sli enabled I also noticed my fps were lower than with just one card.

Hopefully they fix this soon, but I hope they focus on the optimus problem, as many people bought laptops which for the time being are unusable in linux because of the computer not being able to switch gpus.

Happy New Year Nvidia Team!
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